July 17, 2016

iWHITE instant teeth whitening

iWhite promises instant results and is peroxide free, using calcium based technology to strengthen teeth rather than peroxide which can be damaging.

This is what they say: "iWhite Instant is an easy to use, at home teeth whitening treatment. The product is composed of 10 thin and flexible trays to ensure a comfortable fit and maximum performance. No need to clean or boil mouthpieces, mess with syringes or brushes, measure gel or use special toothpastes or rinses. They contain a new, revolutionary whitening gel which has been clinically proven to be dental safe and instantly effective. It should be worn for 20 minutes for instant results that are up to 8 shades whiter. The product can be used more than once a day or for 5 consecutive days for even more astonishing results, but you can also use it once in a while whenever you feel it is necessary. The iWhite Instant whitening trays are one-size-fits-all and are individually packed."
What do I say?!?: So did I see instant whitening results?  NO  I used the product for 5 consecutive days, as instructed and I didn't really see a difference in my teeth.

I advise you not to waist your money on this product. It simply doesn't work.

Ce spun ei: Efect de albire imediat
10 benzi cu gel, gata de folosire
Siguranta si eficienta dovedite clinic
Pana la cu 8 nuante mai albi!
Iwhite Instant este un produs de albire a dintilor, cu rezultate instant, usor de folosit si sigur.
Acest tratament destinat folosirii acasa, iti garanteaza dinti mai albi cu pana la 8 nuante, dupa doar 20 minute de utilizare zilnica. Pentru rezultate uimitoare, benzile pot fi folosite timp de 5 zile consecutiv sau de fiecare data cand consideri ca este necesar. Benzile sunt deja umplute cu gel, au o singura marime si sunt igienic ambalate. 

Ce spun eu?!?: Am achizitionat produsul din farmacia Sensiblu, la pretul de 179 lei. 
Am testat timp de 5 zile consecutiv, respectand cu sfintenie instructiunile si pot spune ca rezultatele sunt dezamagitoare. 
Ei promit dinti mai albi cu pana la 8 nuante, dintii mei nu s-au albit nici macar cu o nuanta.

Sfatul meu este sa evitati produsul.

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